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Discover what's changing students' lives...WordQ & SpeakQ

What our WordQ users say:

"Every teacher and student that I've shown this software, loved it! They use it to help them with writing; they also use it with other programs or doing emails."
- Learning Disabilities Facilitator

"When I hear each word as I type, I know whether it makes sense. Now if my mother is busy, I can write on my own.
- Student

Your program is WONDERFUL! My daughter did 3 reports ON HER OWN!"
- Parent

I am passionate about WordQ - If you could see the difference it makes, especially to boys' writing you would be too!"
- Special Education Resource Teacher

You want simple, simple - that’s all you want. My child doesn’t want all the other stuff. WordQ does what it says."
- Parent

What our SpeakQ users say:

“There’s nothing on the market that combines speech recognition and word prediction as a single product in this way.”
–Bob Follansbee, Education Development Center

“Before this technology, my son’s school only ever saw him as a learning-disabled child with a pile of deficits. Now they see a kid with all these strengths.” –Parent

“SpeakQ is developed in a manner that keeps the focus where it should be!” –ATP

“The Speak and select feature is terrific.  It will make it easier to train younger students on speech recognition.” – Ed.D.

“Training is very easy.  We like the choices for training by age and reading ability.”-Special Educator

“I had a 9-year old laugh out loud and say, “Look at that – I wrote a paragraph.” SpeakQ worked for her! It has gotten my approval.” –Teacher

 “We told our daughter to download WordQ onto her laptop.  She had so much to say about this new found skill set (for lack of a better phrase).  She was in tears and couldn't believe why this software wasn't presented to her years ago.  She stated she was already writing like a pro and the program was intuitive and really easy to use.  All this just in time for exams and final essays.”

-Lyse Brothman, Mother

“If I am writing a story and I don’t know how to spell a word I can’t just yell ‘HOW DO YOU SPELL WARRANTY?’ and expect God to give the answer.  With the computer, if I don’t know the word I can use word prediction.” 


“I like to use this software because it increases the quality of my work and this leads to higher grades.  Higher grades mean more High School options.” 


“Before I use this software my work was sloppy and my grammar was wrong.  I improved because of the helpful tools like word prediction and text to speech.  Confidence builds in me more and more when I get good results and with good results my grades go up.”


“Now when I hand in my work it makes sense and it sounds good.  I like this software because it has a person that talks to you.  When you are done your draft and you need to revise it, you can hear how it sounds so you can make corrections.”


“I am a bad speller and a slow writer. Using this software really helps me speed up on writing.  Thus, giving me more time to improve and add to my work, which helps me improve my marks.” 


“The text to speech tool helps me when I have a text to read.  I can adjust the speed of reading to my comfort.  Using this computer software I can make final drafts or catch up my mistakes and work faster than handwriting.” 


“This software helps me improve my quality of work.  After I finish writing my first drafts I can get the computer to read to me.  It helps me because it shows me where I made my mistakes.  Overall, I have less spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, my work looks neat and the teachers are impressed.  My marks have improved and I feel good about myself and my work.  I have confidence to do harder work and not to worry about my mistakes.” 


“I can finish my work at school instead of taking it home and having a hard time explaining it to my parents and getting mixed up.  It makes my work look neater and more grown up.  I think it is helping my grades because the teachers can actually read my work.” 


“When I hear the computer reading to me what I wrote, I can check my punctuation.” 


“If I am stuck in a word to write, the word prediction will give me a list of words to choose from.” 


“My work is better and now it is easier for the teachers to read my writing.” 


“When the computer reads to me, it makes me better understand what I wrote.” 


“When the computer reads to me it helps me improve my paragraphs.  Before I used to have lots of spelling and grammar mistakes but now I don’t have as many.”


“Sometimes I have a hard time reading.  It helps me so much that I can check my work before giving it to my teachers.” 


“Text to speech helps me because it reads to me what I wrote.  I can see things to change, and if my sentence is nicely put together.” 


“It helps me to put the headphones on and have the computer read my work.”